Seventy percent of tourists want to positively impact the economy and environment they travel to

lets work together for a cleaner world

.. and so this commitment is very much in line with consumer demand. (Pat Hyland - Sep 27, 2021, Tourisme Review News). 

Yes, please let’s work together on this one! We are very committed to lower the environmental impact the tourist activity we´re offering. We are conscious about waste, we do recycle, we wash environmentally friendly, we offer sun-warmed sanitary water, we heat with a heat pump, the garden is designed with indigenous plants, we offer km0 food in our breakfasts, we try to work together with you to be as aware as possible about energy waste, food waste … always on the other hand trying to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. 

From your side, you can do as well a lot to enhance the sustainability of your holiday with us and in our region, the Penedés. This is not all about energy saving, but as well about how you consume, what choices you make that impact the local economy and the environment. 

The Penedés offers a wide choice of local food and wine, and everybody is happy if you enjoy the local dishes and delights. Try something new ! 

The same goes for local traditions, the more you know about your holiday destination, the better you can blend in and learn about local languages and local customs. 

You can actively help to protect the local ecosystem acting responsible towards animals and nature. If you find a waste item in the vineyards, it would be great if you took it to the next bin. This way, you can play a protecting role. 

Try to choose services or experiences that minimise water and energy consumption and that are recyclable or can be used various times. 

If you can, calculate your CO2 impact and try to compensate it.