Sustainable travelling - Common awareness of hosts and guests

We have been acting environmentally friendly for years and consequently have pursued the idea to design our vacation property as environmentally friendly as possible. Of course, we are constantly questioning ourselves in the course of climate change and are always interested in improvements.

Basically, we all live, guests and hosts, in an old farmhouse with thick walls that naturally insulate well, even in the warm summer months. Paints and building materials are primarily made from natural materials.

We contribute economically to the local community by preferably buying in local shops. The products you are being served at breakfast are mostly on a seasonal and regional basis.

A large part of the energy we use is based on renewable sources. A green supplier (Gesternova) delivers the electricity, whereas the hot water has been generated with a solar system since 2012, the lighting is almost entirely LED-based.

  • Organic waste is composted or fed to the chicken.
  • We avoid garbage, either by separation or by recycling. Additionally, multi-purpose bags are used for shopping fruit and vegetables, Tupperware for cheese and meat.
  • As long as available, rainwater is used for garden irrigation.
  • Half used toilet paper rolls will continue to be used in the employees toilet.
  • No tumble dryer: Towels may feel a little rough at times, but they are dried by fresh air. Only organic materials for towels and bed linen are being used. 
  • All amenities feature ecological ingredients and are biodegradable, the bottles for shampoo and shower gel are made from recycled plastic.
  • The “welcome chocolates” are Km0, produced in San Sadurni d´Anoia

Our guests can also contribute to sustainable traveling applying these ideas: 

  • Close curtains and shutters before you leave your room.
  • Switch off the air conditioning when you leave the room.
  • Follow temperature recommendations:
    25-26º indoor temperature in summer with outdoor temperatures around 30º is healthier and more sustainable than 24 or less degrees 
    22º indoor temperature in winter as a maximum
  • Green electricity is more expensive than mixed electricity, please help with your mindfulness.
  • Always turn off water when it is not in use, e.g. brushing teeth and showering.
  • Use the multiple carrier bag provided in the apartment for shopping.
  • Use the provided silicon lids instead of cling foil.
  • Separate garbage, you will find information on separating organic waste, glass, plastic, paper and residual waste near your waste bin.
  • By the pool:
    Apply sunscreen and wait 5-10 minutes for it to sink in before jumping into the water. This way, we avoid to use too much chemicals to remove the cream from the pool.
  • Always showering before plunging in leaves the sweat in the shower and not in the pool, so we can keep it clean without any unhealthy chemicals. 

If you have any further suggestions on how we could make our behaviour or our offer even more environmentally friendly, we are grateful for any idea.