2016's cheapest destinations for British holiday makers - 04.02.16

The strong pound means a lot of places are more affordable this year. 

Prices for UK holidaymakers are cheaper in over half the world's holiday resorts and cities.

The report from the Post Office has found that three-quarters of the 40 bestselling currencies are weaker against sterling than a year ago, meaning your holiday pound will go further in many popular resorts. Cheapest holiday destinations If you are looking for a low-cost holiday Portugal and Bulgaria are the cheapest choices with South Africa, Spain and Turkey also coming in the top five low-cost places. “If sterling continues to hold its value, UK holidaymakers will have plenty of choice in the coming year,” says Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money. “In Europe the best deals are likely to be in Portugal and Bulgaria, where increased competition to attract tourists has resulted in lower prices for tourist staples. Once the exchange rate is factored in, tourists should see their spending costs shrink. For those travelling further afield, Cape Town, Bali and Tokyo look good bets for the bargain-hunter.” Cheapest destinations Here are the cheapest destinations at the moment and what things cost.

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