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Restaurant km0 in walking distance to Arianella Bed and Breakfast

Km0 in Torrelles de Foix - "our" restaurant

This is "our" restaurant in many ways, it is the way we like to cook and eat, the service is as friendly as one can wish for and the general atmosphere is cosy and relaxed.

Km0 means that no ingredient has travelled more than 50 km and it additionally means that...

Best option for a shady terrace - Cal Cassoles

Where do you want to go for lunch today? Our suggestion these days is Cal Cassoles, close to the Torres wineries. Fresh food, friendly service along with a terrace with the best vineyard views! We like it for the feeling to sit in the middle of the vineyard, the fresh food...

Our restaurant recommendation if you´re on your way to the beach: Clubhouse27

A new discovery

If after a long breakfast here at, a lengthy bath in the pool and a little nap in the shade in the garden you feel you wanted to pop down to the beach, this is going to be a very good relaxing day. If then, at half way...