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Thank you life - A day in the Penedés

La vinya pintada en el Penedes

100 reasons to fall in love with Penedes

Have a look at this video and we hope you´ll fall in love in Penedés as we did many years ago!

There is so much so see, to explore and to indulge that surely you find something in it for you! 

Hope to see you soon in the Penedés! 

2016's cheapest destinations for British holiday makers - 04.02.16

The strong pound means a lot of places are more affordable this year. 

Prices for UK holidaymakers are cheaper in over half the world's holiday resorts and cities.

The report from the Post Office has found that three-quarters of the 40...

Penedes wines

Analysis: Catalonia's rebellious Penedès region

In Catalonia, a region that has been actively trying to secede from Spain for the last 300 years, Catalans are nothing if not determined to shake up the staus quo. When it comes to catalan wine, Penedès is the largest region. 

Carry on reading  .... 


Arianella In Flight Magazine von airBaltic

Penedés-El paraiso para los amantes del vino y de la buena comida.

Este artículo de la revista de Air Baltic os invita a visitar el Penedés degustando sus vinos, cavas y comidas regionales. 

La casa rural ha sido elegida como lugar especial para...