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lets work together for a cleaner world

Seventy percent of tourists want to positively impact the economy and environment they travel to

.. and so this commitment is very much in line with consumer demand. (Pat Hyland - Sep 27, 2021, Tourisme Review News). 

Yes, please let’s work together on this one! We are very committed to lower the environmental impact the tourist activity we´re offering. We are...

Sustainable travelling - Common awareness of hosts and guests

We have been acting environmentally friendly for years and consequently have pursued the idea to design our vacation property as environmentally friendly as possible. Of course, we are constantly questioning ourselves in the course of climate change and are always interested...

Not only crystal clear and refreshing - now as well kind to your skin and swimming gear

Kind to the skin and your swimming gear

What is better than when on holiday having access to a well maintained refreshing pool? Plunging into it various times a day every day, what a delight. Coming back home and looking at the once impecable new bikini laying in the suitcase worn out and shabby. This has happened...